Price: $569.99

Features: Flip out screen, lightweight, easy to vlog with, and decent quality for price. This bundle comes with some random stuff (small tripod could be helpful), it's the cheapest one with buyer ratings that I saw but you could take a look at other bundles as well. 

Cons: 30 minute recording limit if you wanted to record more than a half hour segment continuously. 

SONY a6400

Price: $998.00

Features: Pretty small and light, very good image quality, unlimited record limit. 

Cons: Screen flips up instead of out which makes vlogging a little more difficult. Expensive.


Price: $23.49

Pretty good high to price ratio. There are slightly cheaper ones and more expensive one's but this would definitely do the trick for a stationary studio tripod.


Price: $59.99

Features: Decent basic light, one "color temperature" so you need to control the rest of the light in the room so things don't look weird (turning out the lights and possible using blackout curtains would definitely do the trick). Buying the 2 pack might be worth it if you plan on having guests or interviews. Otherwise you can buy a one pack.

Cons: Bulky. If you have a studio that you leave set up all the time it won't be an issue. Otherwise, you'll have to break them down after every use or just move them up against the wall. Also, it only has one output (you can't change the brightness unless you move it closer or further away).

Price: $199.99

Features: Can change color temperature and brightness. More compact.

Cons: Expensive.


Price: $20.99

Features: Amazing quality for price. Great for handheld vlogging or can be used as an overhead mic in the studio.

Cons: None really...  Just need an extension cable to use as overhead mic: 

Price: $55.99

Features: Stand for an overhead mic. If you have a stationary studio this would be helpful because you could just keep it there and this way there would be no mics in the shot and you would just need to plug it into the camera and you're good to go.

Price: $259.99

Features: 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. Put the receiver on the camera and you can mic up two people and the audio will be recorded straight into the camera.

Price: $35.99

Features: Clip on shirt and plug straight into camera. Comes with long cord.


Price: $15.27

No need to buy these particular ones. You'd also need to buy the rods as well. Not 100% necessary but would definitely be helpful.

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